[Advaita-l] 'world' is not the mental creation of tiny soul !!

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> ...
> If you say that the jnAnI does not see the vikAra of jagat at all, and
> sees only
> brahman, niravayava, nirviSesha, nirguNa, nirvikAra, then you will veer to
> the jnAna happens in nirvikalpa samAdhi mode of explanation.
> Neither of these is acceptable to the paksha that insists that avidyA is
> purely subjective, pertaining to the jIva only, not brahman, and is purely
> an absence.

Actually the pakSha stated above is the fine advocate of ekajIvavAda where
the entire jagat-projection is of that subject-chetana.  Some others have
also shared this opinion.


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