[Advaita-l] BhAgavatam : The objective world is illusory

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> Namaste
> I think Vijnana Vadi Bauddhas will say everything is in the mind and False
> but they will not say the Seer Atma is True. That Seer is imagining the
> whole world but he is imagining it in His mind. That Mind is not True but
> He is True. Bauddhas will simply say everything is in the mind only. This
> Adi Sankara has attacked in Sutra Bhashya.

There are at least two places where Shankara has given His opinion on the
bauddha, pertaining to the Atman:

1. Gau.kArikA 4.99:  (at the end) //...That the nature of the Supreme
Reality is free from the differences of knowledge, known, and the knower,
and is without a second, this fact, was not expressed by Buddha (naitad
buddhena bhAShitam - of the kArikA words), though a near approach to
non-dualism was implied in his negation of outer objects and his
imagination of everything as mere consciousness.  But this non-duality, the
essence of the ultimate Reality is to be known from the Upanishads only.
 This is the purport.//

2. The Chandogya up. bhAShya 6.2.1: //asattvamAtrAbhyupagamo api ayukta
eva, abhyupagantuH anabhyupagamAnupapatteH// //And their  admission of mere
non-existence is also illogical because the existence of the person who
denies existence, cannot be denied.//

In these places one can see Shankara is not refuting the bauddha on the
prapancha count but on the Atma/Brahman, adhiShThAna, count.



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