[Advaita-l] BhAgavatam : The objective world is illusory

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> << *In YogavAsiShTha it is said that the mAyA and mind are synonyms.* >>
> This itself clearly means that individual mind is not meant while talking
> of the cause of Creation. It is not that Yoga Vasishta is contradicting
> what I am saying.

If Lord Krishna addressed Uddhava in that verse and said that the world of
objects is mAyAmanomayam and that owing to that he has to develop
samadRShTi and sridharaswamin comments so, it follows that the mind
referred to here is the sAdhaka, uddhava's, mind.  It would be of no use to
teach about any cosmic mind's mAyAkalpana since the sAdhaka will not be
able to relate to it.  And that cosmic mind is not a sAdhaka who has the
problem of samsAra. It is this individual's mind alone that is referred to
everywhere in the GaudapAda kArikA-s too when it comes to the world
illusion.  I already referred to one verse: manodRshyamidam dvaitam...

//*Whatever is being apprehended with the mind, speech, eyes, ears etc.,
know it to be a creation of the mind and therefore (merely) illusory
and transient (7).  *

* मन आदिभिर्गृह्यमाणं मनोमयत्वान्मायेति विद्धि । sridharaswamin says:
because (hetu) that which is grasped by the mind, etc. (Krishna says this)
is manomayam, know that to be mAyA.  *

*So, sridharaswamin too holds that objective world is manomaya (a product
of the individual mind's creation).  *

*There is no use for uddhava from the above teaching if the mind referred
to here is not his individual mind. *

*On p.185 to190 of the book 'sridakShiNAmUrti stotram' Vol.i, there are
several references on this topic, one of which is:*

*na hyastyavidyA manaso'tiriktA mano hyavidyA bhavabandhahetuH...*

*Vivekachudamani 171.*

*[There is no ignorance apart from the mind. The mind alone is ignorance,
the cause of bondage, samsAra. When that is destroyed, all else is
destroyed and when it is manifested, everything else is manifested.]  *

*Then, the la.yo.vA <http://la.yo.vA>: 3.1.61-65:*

*..Experience, memory, imagination, etc. constitute the mind.  It is
otherwise called avidyA, samsRti, cittam, manas, bandha, mala and tamas.
 When all such imagination disappears only the substratum remains.*



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