[Advaita-l] sUta samhitA with TAtparya dipikA of MAdhavAcArya (VidyAraNya)

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Mon Mar 3 01:43:12 CST 2014

SAdara PraNAms Prof ShivKumar ji,

I think this was mentioned by the editor of SUta SamhitA in one of the
copies that Sri Ramana Maharshi had kept for personal reference. there it
is said that SrI Adi Sankara had referred it 18 times, says David Godman
here <http://davidgodman.org/rteach/atiasrami1.shtml>

The *Suta Samhita*, which is part of the *Skanda Purana*, is little read
> nowadays, but in ancient times it had enormous authority and influence. In
> an introduction to an edition of this work that Bhagavan kept for
> reference, the editor notes that there is a tradition that
> Adi-Sankaracharya read the *Suta Samhita* eighteen times before he began
> work on his famous commentaries.

Upon digging acrhives of Advaita-L list, I found that one of our respected
members Sriram ji has also said the same.

What exactly are the contents of SUta SamhitA?

Upon little research, I found that it contains info about

   1. Imp of Agama-s, those who follow smriti-s need not follow Agama-s,
   and those who follow srauta need not follow smriti dharma
   2. Brahma GItA is considered very imp
   3. Instructions related to Pooja, etc are given
   4. Essence of Upanishads (as you have said)
   5. Contains mention of Bauddha nad Jain shastra, but are not condemned.
   they are given lower status.
   6. MahAdeva is the supreme Godhead and all paths lead to him.
   7. Agama-s are creations of Shiva

Anything more?

Hari OM


On Mon, Mar 3, 2014 at 7:23 AM, Sivakumar,Kollam <sivanr8010 at gmail.com>wrote:

> SAdara praNAm,
> A wonderful work indeed.
> II contains summary of the important upanishads.
> There is a saying that BhagavatpAda himself
> referred the work 12 times! (who generally refer a work once only)
> while writing commentaries on Upanishads.
> To my knowledge there is an edition of Kailas Asrama
> Namaste.
> *Prof.sivakumarr*

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