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Sri Sadanandaji, Pranams.

The other important work of Sri Appayya Dikshita referred to by the
Translator is Kalpataruparimala and not Advaita Sidhi.

I have again crosschecked the Introduction to the work. The translator does
confirm that the work is concerning Advaita . He states << The
Sidhantalesha is much more than a catalogue of varieties of advaita
doctrine.>>. There are extensive references to the views of Sri
Bhagavatpada/Vachaspati Misra/Mandana's BrahmaSidhi etc ( as indicated by
the Translator ).



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>  The translator also mentions that Sri Appayya Dikshita has written over a
>  hundred works and his views appear to have changed over a period of time.
> But this work appears to be prior to his most famous work, “ Advaita Sidhi
>> --------------
> Chandramouli ji - ParaNAms
> Adviata Siddhi that I know was written by Madhusudhana Saraswathi. This is
> a dialectic work refuting the Nyaaya manjari of dvaita.using Navya Nyaaya.
> Not sure if there is any other Advaita Sidddhi
> I doubt that some of the other points that were made are really in tune
> with Advaita; but not eager to dispute.
> Hari Om!
> Sadananda
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