[Advaita-l] Vedantic view of perception

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Thu Jun 26 15:38:28 CDT 2014

Dear Members,

I would like to know of references to the Vedantic view of perception, by which I mean how the cognition of objects/thoughts/emotions happens. Upon the rise of ego, how is it that the ego knows it is experiencing or cognizing objects/thoughts/emotions etc. Is it self-referential i.e. ego sees something and concludes there is an object if so how does the ego know it is seeing/experiencing? The answer cannot be "because it knows", that is a loop. Or is the very definition of ego that which thinks it is cognizing objects outside? In Buddhist literature, a lot of work of Asanga and his (half?) brother (whose name I have forgotten) go in this direction of perception, but I still want to know of Vedantic works that address this point. Since this is not a theological question, I suppose the answer must be same if you are a Vedantist or Buddhist :)


Sriram Nagaraj

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