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praNAms Sri Sujal prabhuji
Hare Krishna

I have not read all the replies (my apologies), but in response to OPs question that creation is eternal and without beginning, what about al those verses including nAsadiya sUkta which says that initially there was only one brahman.

>  So from this shruti vAkya, can we say, brahman before creation was one and only one but now after creation there are brahman, jeeva and jagat? Don’t we say brahman is  trikAla abhAdhita adviteeya satya??   IMHO, those shruti-s which say brahma ekatva at beginning, would invariably carrying the message that brahman was/ is / will always be the ekameva adviteeya despite there is a seeming duality in the form of jeeva & jagat.  To eradicate this wrong notion of duality shruti says brahman is the ONLY material & efficient cause of this jagat and this jagat when it is perceived from tattva drushti (just like seeing only the 'clay' in  place of jug, pot, pitcher etc.) it is brahman only nothing else.  sarvaM khalvidaM brahma, brahmaimeva vishvaM and when it comes to jeeva-s also shruti / advaita says this 'socalled' jeeva also nothing but that brahman only, tattvamasi, ahaM brahmAsmi etc. conveys this same truth.  So, though there exists jeeva, jagat for cognition, what is there is brahman only nothing else.

bhagavAn in gItAs 10.8 says '10.8 I am the origin of all". What does this imply?

>  it implies that brahman is both upAdAna & nimitta kAraNa of this jagat.  

Also theories of creation, preservation and destruction is said only for vayahArika POV. In absolute POV, from advaita POV, there is no creation, no duality and there can be no teaching as well. 

 >  yes, that is what kArika says, trikAla abhAdhita satyatvaM  and ever lasting ekatvaM of brahman alone has been well established here.

SSS says that acceptance of reality of this world is there to help one class of students.

>  IMO, quoting from Sri SSS works in this regard might not be appealing for some of the prabhuji-s here.  So, let us stick to shruti and shankara bhAshya.

Each type of statement is there for a particular class of seekers. LAter upon gaining maturity and inner purity, statements change. That which was real is not real anymore.

>  yes, that is true prabhuji...the methodology adhyArOpa, apavAda is meant for this only.

What is considered as eternal like jiva, creation is not experienced in nirvikalp samadhi.

>  :-)

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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