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SAdra praNAM,

The cosmogony of Adwaitha can be
seen from the first sloka of
Sri DakshinAmoorthy stotra.
many of the speculation could be
avoided if we accept that view.


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> Namaskaram,
> I would like to know from Advaita perspective if creation is also eternal.
> We all know that Creator is eternal, but how about creation? Bhagawad Gita
> 13/20 says both are eternal.
> When self-realization puts end to birth in the samsara, and when
> self-realization is the final goal of all beings, it is just a matter of
> time when this would happen to all. What is sure is that all would
> eventually experience it, and thus there is no birth. When all beings have
> self-realization eventually, then, where is the need for creation. But
> Bhagawad Gita 13/20 says both are eternal. My question is what fuels the
> eternal continuity of creation despite self-realization? I am sure, this
> topic might have been discussed in the past but I might have missed
> it. Please pardon me for asking it again.
> Namaskara,
> ramesh
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