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Shree Ramesh - ParaNams

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 I would like to know from Advaita perspective if creation is also eternal. We all know that Creator is eternal, but how
 about creation? Bhagawad Gita 13/20 says both are eternal. 
Sada: If we all know that creator is eternal then from adviata point creator and creation are not different since scriptures say that He himself became many. If we know creator is eternal then creation is also eternal. 
 When self-realization puts end to birth in the samsara, and when self-realization is the final goal of all beings, it is
 just a matter of time when this would happen to all. What is sure is that all would eventually experience it, and thus there is no birth. When all beings have self-realization eventually, then, where is the need for creation. 

Sada: There is an assumption involved that all beings will eventually realize the self. and it is just a matter of time. When time and eternity are concepts of involving time. From the advantage point there is no creation even now when you are seeing the creation. That recognition is self-realization. From that point your question itself does not arise.

But Bhagawad Gita 13/20 says both are eternal. My question is what fuels the eternal continuity of creation despite
 self-realization? I am sure, this topic might have been  discussed in the past but I might have missed it. Please
 pardon me for asking it again. 

Sada: What fuels is this question of self-realization. Only one who has not realized will ask this question and the cause for it , Vedanta says, is ignorance of oneself, the world and the Iswara. When one has realized then from his understanding he understood that there is no creation and no jnaani or ajnaanis - no world, no Iswara, etc - aham brahmaasmi is the knowledge. All questions stop with that understanding.

These questions get resolved when one study the scriptures under a teacher who himself studied under his guru. 

Hari Om!

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