[Advaita-l] Jiiva at Satya Loka - Will He or Won't He come back

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> Actually when I posted the above mail , I was looking for a Bhashya
> authority itself ( and not from other commentaries like Ratnaprabha or
> commentators ) for concluding that some jivas who go to brahmaloka do
> indeed return from there at some point of time. I was not looking for an
> inferential understanding of the issue either. This was provided by Sri
> Subrahmanianji subsequently in this thread itself by way of the BUB 6-2-15
> wherein Bhashya itself takesup this issue as a question and answer , and
> asserts that some of these jivas do indeed return to samsara in due course
> of time. With that my question is answered positively.

Here is yet another, but with even more clarity, bhashyam from the
chandogya up.5.10.1:

तत्रैवोक्तं पौराणिकैः — ‘आभूतसम्प्लवं स्थानममृतत्वं हि भाष्यते’ (वि. पु.
२-८-९७) इति । यच्च आत्यन्तिकममृतत्वम्, तदपेक्षया ‘न तत्र दक्षिणा यन्ति’ ‘स
एनमविदितो न भुनक्ति’ इत्याद्याः श्रुतयः — इत्यतो न विरोधः । ‘न च
पुनरावर्तन्ते’ (छा. उ. ८-१५-१)
इति ‘इमं मानवमावर्तं नावर्तन्ते’ (छा. उ. ४-१५-५)
इत्यादि श्रुतिविरोध इति चेत्, न ; ‘इमं मानवम्’ इति विशेषणात् ‘तेषामिह न
पुनरावृत्तिरस्ति’ (बृ. मा. ६-१-१८) इति च । यदि हि एकान्तेनैव नावर्तेरन्,
इमं मानवम् इह इति च विशेषणमनर्थकं स्यात् । इममिह इत्याकृतिमात्रमुच्यत इति
चेत्, न ; अनावृत्तिशब्देनैव नित्यानावृत्त्यर्थस्य प्रतीतत्वात् आकृतिकल्पना
अनर्थिका । अतः इममिह इति च विशेषणार्थवत्त्वाय अन्यत्र आवृत्तिः कल्पनीया ।

[Thanks to the efforts of the Advaita ShAradA project, it was very easy to
search, copy and paste here the above bhashya portion.]

This occurs towards the end of the bhashyam for the 1st mantra.  One can
read the translation in Swami Gambhirananda's book p.357 of the Advaita
Ashrama edition 2006.



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