[Advaita-l] Bhagavat Purana commentary by Madhusudan Saraswati

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Tue Jun 3 17:43:05 CDT 2014

On Wed, 4 Jun 2014, saha niranjan wrote:

> Namaste!
> No, it seems to be a commentary on the 1st three shlokas only (verse 1, pp.
> 1-14; verse 2, pp.14-18, verse 3, pp. 18-20).

20 pages for 3 shlokas is quite impressive!

> I've got a photostat copy of
> it from Sanskrita Sahitya Parisad, Kolkata, though the first and last pages
> have got a black shed (but readable).
> I may post it to Indian address while I do not have scanner/camera at my
> home.

Well I am in USA and I can't read Bengali.  Is there a list member who 
could transcribe it to Devanagari?  (Preferably in a unicode based digital 

It has long been my ambition to publish some of the classics of our 
shastras and this seems like it could be a good project.

Jaldhar H. Vyas <jaldhar at braincells.com>

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