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> Namaste Subramaniam ji,
> Thank you for the article. BG 9.25 Sankara bhASya also contains the word
> 'vinAyaka'. I think Sridhara Swami and Madhusudan Saraswati has also used
> the word 'sinAyaka'. Swami Sivananada's commentary clarifies that this
> vinAyaka-s (plural) are jIva-s  higher than humans and lower than devA-s.
> Same is the case with mAtrikA-s.
> Please shed some light on this too.

Thank you Sri Sujal for the clue that I got from your reference to Swami
Sivananda's commentary where the plural 'vināyakāḥ' is mentioned.  Upon a
search I found that the Agnipurāṇam has this listed as some bhūta entities:

ये कुष्णाण्डास्तथा यक्षा ये दैत्या ये निशाचराः ।
प्रेता विनायकाः क्रूरा मनुष्या जम्भगाः खगाः ।। २७०.९ ।।

The Srimadbhāgavatam too has a reference:

10.6.27 where the baby Krishna is 'purified' by the Gopi-s after the
killing of Pūtana:


Here one gets information on the mātṛkā-s too that Shankara refers there.

"राक्षसाश्च पिसाचाश्च भूतानि च विनायकाः॥

उक्तं श्रीमालिनीविजये

वासनामात्रलाभेऽपि योऽप्रमत्तो न जायते।
तमनित्येषु भोगेषु योजयन्ति विनायकाः॥
तस्मान्न तेषु संसक्तिं कुर्वीतोत्तमवाञ्छया।

Here the 'vināyakāḥ' are said to immerse man in bhoga-s and therefore one
aught not to get involved in them (vināyakāḥ).

The mālinīvijayaṁ appears to be a tantra work.

Shankaracharya is referring to these entities when he commented in the BG
9.25 for the term 'bhūta-s'.



> Hari OM
> Sujal
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>> Here is an article on the reference to Rudra and Āditya in the
>> Bhagavadgītā
>> bhāṣyam 6.47 by Shankaracharya:
>> http://www.mediafire.com/download/610a95362eprvy3/Reference+to+Rudra+and+%C4%80ditya+in+the+Bh.g.pdf
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