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Sat Jul 12 09:54:12 CDT 2014

PraNAms to all

I got this mail today from Shree Paresh Jivanji about his book on Being versus Becoming - those who are interested to know more about can directly contact the author.

Hari Om!

Pranams and Namskar / Hari Om Acharaya Ji,

My name is Paresh - I contacted you 3 years ago regarding my debit book project for your assistance in penning a foreword...

Well I am so pleased to announce that my book titled, "Being Versus Becoming has been accepted for publishing.

I am touching base just to share the good news. I would really appreciate it you can please most kindly assist me with sharing the book amongst your Devotees and friends and through your forums / website - it will be geatly acknowledged.

Here is the link to my publishers website:


It will be nice to hear from you.

Thank you Acharyaji - Hari Om

Warmest regards,


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