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> Kindly help me in discerning the meaning of "krutAkrutah"

The commentary of Sri Shankaracharya gives the meaning thus:

kṛtaśca kāryarūpeṇa, akṛtaśca kāraṇarūpeṇa iti kṛtākṛtaḥ.

Brahman (Lord Viṣṇu), is kṛtaḥ as the effect (world).  It (Brahman, Lord
Viṣṇu) also exists as the akṛtaḥ, as the cause (of the world).

In Advaita Vedanta these two terms denote the world in its manifest and
unmanifest form.  To elaborate, the manifest world is experienced in the
waking and dream.  The unmanifest (cause) is the seed of the manifest world
and is denoted by the state of deep sleep.  In the māṇḍūkyopaniṣad these
are the three states of waking, dream and deep sleep.  Of course, the
'fourth' is the Turiya, that transcends the cause-effect duality and is the
one to be realized as one's true self, Brahman.  This Turiya is explained
in the seventh mantra of that upaniṣad; the three 'states' being covered in
the earlier mantras.

For corresponding reading you may also look into the Bh.Gita 15th chapter.
The concluding verses there exactly map with the māṇḍūkyopaniṣad method
stated above.  In the Bh.Gita the terms used are: kṣara puruṣa to denote
the manifest world experienced in the two states of waking and dream and
akṣara puruṣa, the causal state.  This state is also called māyā.  The
Turiya is called the uttamapuruṣa or Puruṣottama.

warm regards

> (vishNu sahasranAma- shlOka 15)
> Humble student.
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