[Advaita-l] Which one is first in the creation sequence

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Sequential vs simultaneous creation - One way to look at this examine the dream creation. When the waker's mind creat the dream world  and  as though enters into the dream world as a jiiva and looking from jiiva's mind at the world of creation and as this question what would he answer. Does he see the sequential creation or simultaneous creation? He sees everything simultaneously - space and time. - space as the gap between simultaneous observation of two points and time as gap between two sequential events in space. 

Scriptures only tells us stating from Atama - akaasha, vaayu - agni - apaH and pRithivi in that order - but does that represents sequence involving time - since time itself is not mentioned by the scriptures - These are from the point of total mind but only after grossification or pancheekarana, there is anupravesha statement that involves unmanifest to manifestation of  jiiva with BMI. Then only the question of recognition of the creation happens. 

In essence Creation is not recognized until jiiva is crystallized from unmanifest to manifest - just as from deep sleep state to waking state where space-time recognition arises.

The final answer then is - who is asking this question - jiiva or Iswara? - Iswara of course need not have to ask and from jiiva's point the mind has to come in first before he asks. For him everything is simultaneous when his mind starts working.

Just my 2c. 

Hari Om!

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 Karika 2-16 is also saying Jeeva is imagined first and then
 all other
 objective and subjective things. Jeeva is first imagined in
 Atma. This
 Jeeva will then imagine the things of the whole world. We
 can say there is
 a sequence because Jeeva is imagined first.

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