[Advaita-l] MuktikA Upanishad / MuktikOpanishat cited by srI VidyAraNya svAmI in PanchdaSI

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There you are Sujalji, Today's scholars unfortunately do not refer to the upanishads and generally prefer to refer to what the post-Shankara scholars say to supplement what Shankara said. Muktika exhorts all aspirants to read the 108 upanishads, out of the total of the 1008 upanishads.

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On Wednesday, February 26, 2014 8:27 AM, Sujal Upadhyay <sujal.u at gmail.com> wrote:

Was referring PanchadaSI and found that SrI VidyAraNya svAmI has cited
MuktikA Upanishad in his PanchdaSI. I have a Hindi Translation and
Commentary by Swami Shankarananda of Chinmaya Mission.

दर्शनादर्शने हित्वा स्वयं केवलरूपतः .
य आस्ते कपिशार्दूल ब्रह्म स ब्रह्मवित्स्वयम् .. (2.64 Muktika Upanishad,
1.4.68 PanchdaSI - dvaita viveka)

O Brahman! The one leaving both darSana (GYAna, knowledge) and adarSana
(aGYAna, ignorance), abides only in Self (svarUpa), he himself is Brahman
only, not just knower of Brahman. (Translated from Hindi, page 230, Book 1,
Part 1)

(In other words, Knower of Brahman is Brahman itself, Brahmavid Brahmaiva
Bhavati, Mund. Up. 3.2.9). Sri Ramana Maharshi also says the same thing.
According to Swami Shankarananda of Chinmaya Mission, who has Translated
PancadaSI in Hindi and have commented on it says that this verse occurs in
Yog VAsisTa too.

​SrI VidyAraNya svAmI has also cited Amrit Bindu Upanishad 1 and 18 in
PanchdaSI 1.4.45-46.

P. 1.4.45 = Amrit. B. Up. 1
P. 1.4.46 = Amrit. B. Up. 18

Swami ji (translator) says that P 1.4.45 this is the first verse of Amrit
B. Up, but I am not I am not able to find same verse in Amrit Bindu

Please can someone help me

Note: PancadaSI in English (html
Hindi (archive.org<https://archive.org/details/Panchadasi.by.Vidyaranya.Swami.Hindi>,
Pt. RAmAvatAra vidyAbhAskara)

​Hari ​

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