[Advaita-l] Which one is first in the creation sequence

ramesh badisa badisa66 at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 25 14:33:21 CST 2014


At the beginning of email, I would like to seek your forgiveness for raising a silly question. I could not figure out the answer for myself. So, I am requesting all members to help me.

My confusion was related to two Bhagawad Gita slokas - 

4/13 (chatur varnyam ...)  & 
10/6 (Maharsayah Sapta ..).

The first sloka talks about four varnas. So, it is obvious that it is concerned to the creation; 

The second sloka talks about creation of seven great sages by the Lord. This is also concerned to the creation.

My confusion was that which one stands first in the creation. 

If you say, "it doesn't matter", then, sorry the matter ends there. 

However, if you would like to help me, please read further.

Is it 4/13 first or 10/6 first

When there is no creation, then, there are no varnas.
Similarly, when seven great sages were born, there are no four varnas but only one varna - the first varna. 

For me, it appears that the classification of varnas by Lord came much later after the creation. Please correct me if I am wrong.


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