[Advaita-l] vajrOli yOga & shankara bhagavatpAda

Bhaskar YR bhaskar.yr at in.abb.com
Wed Feb 12 05:46:44 CST 2014

Hare Krishna

Adi Sankara was a Brahma Jnani. He cannot commit sin or merit in his own
body and also in another body. Even if he enters into thousand bodies also
he cannot commit sin in any body. 

>  If that is the case what was the need for shankara to opt for 'another' 
body!!??  Since he is brahma jnAni and he is dehAteeta he could have had 
the experience of kAma shAstra in the current body only...after all as you 
are saying above, brahma jnAni will have the absolute dis-association with 
his upAdhi-s and will always be in upAdhi-rahita/bAdhita sva-svarUpa.  If 
you say, he wanted to maintain 'his' yati dharma, 'his' body of the 
saNyAsi intact then it means he was still associating & identifying 
himself in that yati body / saMyAsi body and chosen another bhOga 
shareera, an inert shareera to enter with his karaNa and upahita or 
parichinna chaitanya i.e. jeeva bhAva is it not?? 

Why he said he did not commit sin in 'this body'? The king's body was not 
sinning also because he was mixing
freely with his own wives.

>  Please note, a dead body of the king was not the one which was mixing 
with king's wives...the 'driving force' behind the dead king's body was 
that of a yati / a bAla saMnAsi who had the intention of proving himself 
as a sarvajna to an orthodox house wife who asked totally unorthodox 
question to the saMnAsi :-))

I do not understand Saraswati's question and Adi Sankara's defending his 

> While one can atleast understand saraswati's question, shankara's 
justification was really something silly.

Hari Hari Hari bol!!!

PS :  Kindly dont think by saying all this, I am doubting the character of 
bhagavatpAda, I am just doubting the credentials of these episodes in 
shankara digvijaya-s and rationality behind the answers / justifications 
provided my the biographers through the mouth of shankara.

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