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> >  Yes, this is what we can read in mAdhaveeya also.  If through vajrOli
> yOga there is no avakeerNatva dOsha, then why shankara has opted for
> another body??  that too body of the king who has more than 100 wives!!??
> Since there is no yati dharma bhanga here, since there is no retaHskhalana
> & is always Urdhva retasa, he could have experienced the kAma shAstra
> through his body only where was the need of 'parakAya' pravesha...If the
> yati has an absolute disassociation with his 'sva-kAya' what was need for
> 'para-kAya' pravesha??  And another question that arises here is, if one
> avoid retaH skhalana and continue 'stree-saMbhOga' can we call him
> brahmachAri / saMnyAsi??

Vajroli Mudra is a very secret practice. It is learned through Guru only.
It is explained in ancient books like Siva Samhita. I am giving a part from
the below website because you said you have no Internet access. This topic
is not relevant for Advaita Philosophy discussion but relevant for Adi
Sankara's Parakaya Pravesha Episode in Sankara Dig Vijaya. This is my last
message on this topic. Interested people can search in Internet or they can
see the link below.

Siva Samhita

First, according to the proper methods, let the wise yogi bring into his
own body the generative power from the female organ of generation, by
absorption through the phallus; restraining his semen, let him practice
copulation [without orgasm].

When his sexual power is aroused, let him move his phallus [within the
female organ]. If by chance the semen begins to move [out], let him stop
its emission by the practice of the Yoni-mudra [restraint].

Let him withdraw the semen to the left [to be passive], and withdraw from
intercourse. After a while, let him continue it again.

Following the guidance of his instructor and by uttering the sound hum,
hum, let him absorb through the contraction of the Apana Vayu [wind energy;
i.e pranayama] the creative elements of the yoni [feminine sexual organ].

Even while living according to his wish and without conforming to the
regulations of Yoga [i.e. remaining unmarried], a householder can become
emancipated, if he practices the Vajroli-mudra.

This Vajroli yoga practice liberates [power] even when immersed in his
senses; therefore it should be practiced by the Yogi with great care [for
without restraining the senses, it will lead to destruction].

> Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!
> bhaskar
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