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A little off topic, but still in line with discussion.

If Adi Shankara was antakarana, then who controlled the antakaran?

Rules are for bhogi-s and not yogi-s. Realized saints cannot be caged in
boundaries of sampradAya, country, religion or any rules. to show this,
they break the rules some time or the other e.g. performing last rites of
his mother.

To understand some aspects we will have to dive deep within ourselves. the
more deep we go inside our mind and the more our consciousness is evolved,
we understand certain things which look impossible are possible and actions
which look like wicked (outwardly) are not wicked (inwardly). One can
understand if one is detached from the body. Astavakra Gita says that Jnani
can see his own body just like you see another persons body. Jnani sees his
body like a shadow. While meditating, God can make you experience this.

It is the attachment that makes a karma kAmya. Karma itself is jaDa. When
one is detached, what happens? The one who sees karma in akarma and akarma
in karma ... :)

Even if you see something not moral like eating non-veg, I would say that

saints have capacity to rise above negative vibrations
Environment does not have any impact upon them
their faith and surrender in the Lord is so strong that after they offer
food to God, it becomes sattvik.

SvayampAka (self cooking) with intonations of vedic mantra-s are prescribed
and we should eat sattvik food. But does this concept apply for a sanyAsin?
he will beg alms at any door. Now how will one know with what intention
(bhAva) one has cooked the food? suppose the donor has used eggs or fish
liver oil in food, which goes unnoticed, what happens?

Rules that apply to newbies do not apply to evolved saints, then what to
talk about realized saints and avatars.

If we remove an a priori that I am Jiva, then many problems is solved. In
this doubt too that is an a priori --> I am jiva, I transmigrated, ...

There is one e.g of a saint (mostly Adi Shankara) eating non-veg when
someone offered to him. So his disciples also ate it. then he drank wine.
this was followed merrily by his disciples. then a Guru drank molten iron
and asked his disciples to follow him :)

Rules are there to rise us above, upto a certain point, then those rules do
not apply. There are great yogi-s who have controlled natured, made alive
dead person, became deathless ...

Just my two cents



On Sat, Feb 8, 2014 at 1:26 AM, Sunil Bhattacharjya <
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> Dear friends,
> You have missed the most important point. Would the queens have agreed to
> have intimacy with a Sannyashi. ? Definitely not. Shankara wanted the
> knowledge of Kama-shastra and the only way he could have it was by
> parakaya-pravesha. Seeing the king alive the queens thought they were
> having intimacy with the king only and they behaved naturally and thus
> Shankara could get the knowledge he looked for. Moreover he had the
> expertise of the Vajroli mudra and there was no discharge of retah too.
> Regards
> Sunil KB

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