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 Many people here have said Krishna is also Mithya. There is
 a counter
 point. Everything is Brahman also. Krishna is Brahman but
 the stone lying
 in the street is also Brahman. Can we bring that stone home
 and worship it
 like Krishna? No.
 The stone is Mithya and Krishna is Mithya. Can we stop
 offering Puja to
 Krishna's Saligrama because it is a stone? No.

Shree Venkatesh - PraNAms

Mithyavam is from understanding at vyaavahaarika level. Fundamentally all matter is made up say electrons protons and neutrons if we say, still garbage is garbage and delicious food is delicious food - there is no confusion here. Similarly once we invoke Krishna even in a stone, then it becomes upaasana worthy. That is precisely what is done during puja - asmin bimbe Shree maha vishnum aavaahayaami - we invite the  Lord to come into this stone or idol - from then on we do all pujas to that invoked Krishna or Vishnu or Ganesha. That is exactly what kumbhabhi shekam means for a temple where Lord is permanently invited for upaasana.

Mithyaatva darshanam is understanding at intellectual level or using viveka that the all-pervading Lord is in and through everything but invoked for prayers to occupy a local place. That is the vision of a Bhakta. If I can see the Lord everywhere as viswaruupa Iswara then everything is nothing but Lord only including the stone on the road or garbage on the street. There is sloka in Geeta - in terms of sama dRishTi - Learned Brahmin, or cow or elephant or dog or even dog eater - when one sees the presence of the Lord in all - then only you have intellectually a vision of oneness - While still transacting at vyaavahaarika level properly. That is what viveka means. These are being discussed on the Viswarauupa Iswara darshaanam series elaborately. 

Hari Om!

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