[Advaita-l] sharira a must for Brahma Jnana

Sumitha Ramachandran sumitha.rama at yahoo.com
Sat Feb 1 03:01:29 CST 2014

              In Vivekachoodamani we have the verse Janthoonaam narajanma dhurlabham........
wherein the importance of  a Narajanma is stressed.
Does one require a sharira (body)  for Brahma Jnana?
We have heard that King Janaka got jnana from formless yogis . If one can be helpful in giving jnana in a formless state, can one take them too while formless? Or is it that one has to take a human form and do shravana , manana and nidhidhyasana to obtain Jnana?
What do the scriptures have to say about this?
Thanking in advance,

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