[Advaita-l] The Concept of krama mukti in Advaita

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A good article to show Saguna Brahman is not Para Brahman. But I remember
some book by Visistadvaita Sampradaya giving this example of Ganga water.
In Varanasi the Ganga is flowing in canals and taps and comes to every
home. They even wash the feet with sacred Ganga. If you see later the Ganga
water is flowing as sewage water also. It is having bad smell and impure.
Any intelligent person will not say the sewage water is Parama Pavana Ganga
and drink it. If he drinks it will cause him harm only.

Like this example the Advaita Brahman has become everything in the world
but we cannot worship Brahman in everything. We cannot take a stone on the
street and say it is Brahman. We have to recognize and worship the Pure
form of Brahman. This purest form is the Vishnu form. You can say that is
also Mithya form but the difference between Saguna form and the Nirguna is
very very small and not the same BIG difference between stone on the street
and Brahman.

Or if you say it is a mistake to say Saguna Brahma is same as Para Brahman
but the mistake is very very minute mistake. Because it is so very very
minute mistake it can be ignored. You will achieve your desired result. If
you recognize stone on the street as Brahman it is a very very big mistake.
Even after a thousand years you will not get any result.

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> Here is an article on the above topic:
> http://www.mediafire.com/download/j7dw1zft1djjodx/Krama+mukti+in+Advaita.docx
> The article is written with a view to clear some misconceptions on this
> topic.
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