[Advaita-l] Rakshoghana Suktam

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Sun Dec 28 18:15:43 CST 2014

Ramani Balasubramaniam wrote: "Can somebody give me the meanings for the Rakshoghanam suktam that occurs in Udakashanti"
Namaste these mantras occur in T.S 1.2.14 and RV 4.4.1 (here the deity is given as rakshohA agni, the destroyer of rakshasas. In TS, 3 additional mantras are given that are not in RV 4.4.1, they are elsewhere). There are many translations widely available both in print or on the web, though you may find R.L. Kashyap's translation helpful as he follows Sayana closely. Link to his publication is given below:


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