[Advaita-l] ।। श्री गौरी तंत्रोक्त कुञ्जिका स्तोत्र ।।

Animesh darkdevil114 at rocketmail.com
Sat Dec 27 14:34:32 CST 2014

Sri mAtre namaH 

Namaste srI Venkata sriram P
You wrote " This stotra of gauri tantra is published in "gIta press" edition of durgA sapthasathi.  However,
the mUla mantra is found to be different. 

In the stotra found in gIta press edition, ......"

I request you to reread the stotra on my blog , not only in mula mantra there are many variation in stotra .( you may compare with gItA press edition .) 
For example according to one authentic copy of durgA saptashatI this kunjika stotra version printed in  gItA press edition belongs to"  hargaurI tantra of rudrayAmala " Hargauri tantra and gauri tantra are not identical.( It may be a printing  error that gItA press version omits line hargauri tantre )

You may refer to durgoupAsana kalapadrUm.

Another thing is  gauri tantra version starts with " IshvarO UvAcha " .
I request you to compare this text with gItA press version there are many other differences .


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