[Advaita-l] Fragments of kaTha Aranyaka ( charaka aranyaka )

Animesh darkdevil114 at rocketmail.com
Sat Dec 27 14:15:04 CST 2014

SrI mAtre namah 

Namaste SrI Subhanu 

I with out hesitation accept that I have used the  Mr witzel's work.( I respect IPR and copyright but there is no copyright on wisdom of our rishis .)
Yet I had used another copy of old damaged book published from satisar by a kashmiri brahmin " datAtreya gotrotpana rAmacharan Kaula " vikram samvat 2001 . ( somewhere in Kashmir ) , which is there in Sankara library of our city .( not to be confused with shankar muths ). Some pages are lost in beginning of this book ,titled in library catalog as " kAthaka shAkhAyAm  katha aranyakam  ".
The text was much smaller than that of Witzels .For critical and complete text I had used Mr Witzels text.
My aim was to preserve the text and make it available free of cost and available online for studies.

I have also posted kaTha rudrIya which is rudraM of kAthaka shakha and there kAthaka  sandhyA  prayoga and traces of variation in laughakhi sutra on blog  .
I'm mentioning Link's

(  1) kaTha rudrIya


2) kAthak sandhyAvandan prayoga


3) kapishThala rudrIya


At the point I'm disagree with you , instead of preserving written text our priority should be to preserve the oral tradition of katha shAkhA .Why shouldn't we  all try to  start learning  one additional rare  shAkhA after our study og  svashAkhA.
Yet I offer gratitude to your sprit for preservation of vedic texts , I will help you in all possible ways which I can afford .
What should be purpose of text with out a living tradition ? Isn't it like body without soul. , We should help them for oral preservation.
( I'm sorry to say this but it is very clear Islam is main reason for the great loss  of katha & paippalAda shAkhA in Kashmir. )

It will be a great opportunity to be in contact with mr Witzel .Please if you may 


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