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> Dear Members,
> Recently I was listening to some lectures on Advaita in Telugu by an
> Advaitin. In the course of his lecture he mentioned that Chit is greater
> than Sat. All the while I was thinking Sat-Chit-Ananda is the swarupa of
> Brahman itself. In that case how can Chit can be greater than Sat?Can
> someone elaborate on this?

One can get a clue as to what is meant by saying 'Chit is greater than Sat'
by studying this verse of the Advaita Makaranda:


न हि भानादृते सत्त्वं नर्ते भानं चितोऽचितः ।
      चित्सम्भेदोऽपि नाध्यासादृते तेनाहमद्वयः ॥ ७ ॥

The straight meaning is: without chit, there is
no experience of sat.

Even when one has to recognize something to'
exist', one has to cognize it, where the
chit aspect is vital.  One can appreciate that
that sat, chit and ananda are ultimately

one by looking at the second verse.


Verse 7

The world cannot be reckoned to exist without its experiences. The
experiences of the inert world , in turn are not possible without
Consciousness. The association of the inert with Consciousness cannot be
there but for superimposition. Therefore, I ( the Consciousness) am one
without a second.

warm regards


> Best Regards,
> Umesh
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