[Advaita-l] शुक्लयजुर्वेदीय संक्षिप्त भोजन-विधि: + शुक्लयजुर्वेदीय ब्रह्मयज्ञप्रयोगः + तर्पण प्रयोगः

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Sat Dec 13 23:24:39 CST 2014

Namaste Sri Animesh

You have given the reference - " tato apasvayaM tilamishraM kavyavAdaanal
(gum ) somaM........". But in practice I see that the Jeevat Pitruka person
with Father alive will not give Tarpana with Yajnopavita in Apasavya. He
must give it with Savya only. Or he can give it in Savya and putting the
Yajnopavita around his left thumb when he is giving Divya Pitru Tarpana.
This is also correct but not Apasavya for Jeevat Pitruka.

Similarly I think Jeevat Pitruka should not use Black Till for Tarpana.

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> Namste sir ,
> You wrote " In the Divya Pitru Tarpana I always heard we should not give
> it with Black Till and water but we should use pure water only. Black Till
> is for Yama Tarpana and Manushya Pitrus only. "
> Our " tarpan parishishta " is silent at this Moment .But in case of shukla
> yajurveda , I'm quoting a sutra from a authentic grihya  source .It is from
> "TrikandikA snAnasutraM " of pAraskarAcharya. (It is  appendix sutra of
> pAraskara grihya sutraM )
> " tato apasvayaM tilamishraM kavyavAdaanal (gum ) somaM........"
> This mean , now becoming in apasavya position one should offer water +
> tila to divya pitras.( see pharse tila mishraM ) trice .
> From this it is clear there is no restriction in use of tila + water
> offering to divya pitras in vAjasaneya tradition.
> It may be possible that in case of krishna yajurveda it is not permissible.
> Even in our atharva veda tarpan prayoga we don't offer tila+ water to
> divya pitras.
> ( You may also refer to pAraskara TrikandikA snAnasutraM ,3 rd kandikA   ,
> I have a copy of pAraskar grihya sutraM with 2 bhAsyaM and hindI commentry
> from chaukamba surabhArti series .if you want I will email  scanned  page
> which I quoted. )
> Regards
> Animesh
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