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Srī mātre namah

Dear group members ,

Namaste ,

bramha yagya ,bhojan  and  tarpan are some of  nitya karma that a dwija should perform every day .The following two posts describes this  nitya karma prayogas in accordance with shukla yajurveda.
Since most of brahmans in north are shukla yajurvedins so I'm posting this prayogas. Due to humble request of some colleagues I'm posting this prayoga in devanAgrI script and instructions in Hindi language. ( The point that  to be noted is  " prayogas are according to current practices , which don't follow pArasakara strictly .The step by step procedure strictly according to pAraskara grihya is mostly out of practice. " Yet in some more posts I would like to revive the strict prayaga according to pAraskara .)

1) http://wp.me/p4M2ms-90

2) http://wp.me/p4M2ms-9B

I request group members to visit it and kindly notify me of any typos errors or akhshara ashuddis .

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