[Advaita-l] ***UNCHECKED*** The Authenticity of the Shiva Sahasra Nāma

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Fri Dec 5 01:27:37 CST 2014

Thank you Sri Subramanian ji for persistent efforts to remove
misconceptions about our AcArya Sri Sankara bhagavadpAda, advaita and our

Hari OM


Sujal Upadhyay

"To disconnect from the self and to become Aware of anything else is
nothing but unhappiness" - Bhagawan Ramana Maharshi

He who has faith has all
He who lacks faith, lacks all
It is the faith int he name of lord that works wonders

On Wed, Dec 3, 2014 at 5:38 PM, V Subrahmanian via Advaita-l <
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> A few days ago I had announced a file upload titled 'Misconceptions about
> Shiva....' wherein I had mentioned about the particular blogger's
> (narayanastra) holding that the Shiva Sahasra Nama is an interpolation in
> the MB.  In reply to that I had mentioned that Nilakanth'a's commentary on
> the MB includes the Shiva Sahasra nama too (maharashtra reading).  Now, in
> the following post I am adding that the Madhva recension of the MB contains
> the same Shiva sahasra nama (pl see attachment).  I have it on the
> authority of a renowned Madhva scholar Vidwan Dr. Haridasa Bhatta Acharya
> of the Purnaprajna vidya pitha, Bangalore, who regularly discourses on the
> MB (in Kannada and Tulu too sometimes) that the Kumbhakonam edition is what
> is authoritative to them and that it contains the Shiva sahasra nama.  I am
> citing the Madhva admissibility here because the blogger had said that
> Madhva has in his MBTN mentioned that there are interpolations in the MB
> and therefore *according to the blogger*, stories of Shiva being eulogised
> are mere interpolations and the sahasra nama too is one such.   In order to
> just show that the Madhvas admit the sahasra nama not as interpolation, I
> made the enquiry and here is the result.
> regards
> subrahmanian.v
> -
> I got to see the Kumbhakonam edition of the MB and found the Shiva sahasra
> nama, the same as the Nilakantha (Maharashtra) edition.  I have attached a
> file containing the screen shots of that book which I downloaded from:
> http://asi.nic.in/asi_books/9013.pdf
> This is just for your information.
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