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Mon Aug 25 01:19:19 CDT 2014

Animesh, here is a question for you.  As you know one of the principal 
upanishads, the munDakopaniShad belongs to the Atharvaveda. 
Shankaracharya explains (bhashya on 3.2.10) that this was was taught and 
learned by the shrotriyas who made agnihotra into ekAR^iShi agni and 
followed the shirovrata.  He describes this as yathA AtharvaNAnA vedavrata 
prasiddham "the well known veda vrata of the followers of Atharvaveda." 
Apparently this shirovrata involved "carrying a fire on one head" and 
presumably shaving ones head.  (The literal meaning of Mundaka is one 
whose head is shaved.)  What else can you tell us about this shirovrata?

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