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> Srī mātre namah
> Namaste
> Dear group members due to question of srī Venkatesh ji ,I got inspired and
> wrote a post on Srauta tradition of Atharvan veda.
> I have given a short introduction of Vaitana srauta sutra which is one of
> few granthas which throws some light on srauta tradition of Atharvan veda.
> This post on my blog is dedicated to Srī Venkatesh ji .
> I request you  to visit it
Thank you. The Vaitana Srauta Sutra information is interesting. I have one
question. Can you give details what Mantras references are in the Srauta
Karmas like. Do you use only Atharvana Mantras or you will use other Vedas
Mantras like Yajur Veda?

Example -  In Darsha Purnamasa what Mantras are given in Vaitana Srauta

Is Vaitana Srauta Sutra PDF available somewhere? I searched but I cannot
find it.

> Regards
> Animesh Nagar
> http://wp.me/p4M2ms-46
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