[Advaita-l] Srī mātre namaH Dear group membersI have traced two more grihya sutra of Atharva veda besides kaushika sutra and posted a introductory post about them.I request you all to visit and for further please mail me Two lost grihya sutras of Athar

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Due to some technical reason my mail of ans to sri Venkatesh jis question was trashed .
So I'm again sending it.


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>Dear sir, 
>It's true that for all four veda there are sperate srauta and grihya sutra even in case of atharvan veda it's true, but 
>There are several srauta karmas mentioned in Kaushika grihya of  Atharvan veda for example
>1) Darshapurnamasa 
>2) Agni Adhana
>3) Special Sava yajna (22)
>4) Shyena yaga
>All this karma fall in category of srauta and several preliminaries to Srauta rites are also mentioned in Grihya sutra instead of vaitana srauta sutra.
>That's why i have used this sentence.
>It's unfortunately understood that srauta karma uses only mantras from 3 vedas.But actually bramha of that yagna uses atharvan mantra.
>Due to lesser number of Atharvans ,Rishis give an alternative that you may electe brama of your Sva- Shakha , if you are unable to find Atharvan for post of bramha.
>With time this alternative become a rule .
>Even you may find mantras of Atharvan veda  in different Srauta sutras for uses of bramha .
>( I have confirmed with Paraskara shrauta )
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