[Advaita-l] Srī mātre namaH Dear group membersI have traced two more grihya sutra of Atharva veda besides kaushika sutra and posted a introductory post about them.I request you all to visit and for further please mail me Two lost grihya sutras of Atharva veda

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Why do you say Grihya Sutra is followed for Srauta and Smaarta Karmas? In
other three Vedas Srauta Sutra and Grihya Sutra are separate books. Srauta
Sutra is for Srauta Yajnas. There will be three Agnis like Garhapatya,
Dakshinaagni and Ahavaniya. Grihya Sutras is for Karmas like Samskaaras.
They can be done in Smaarta Agni.

 People say in Srauta Yajnas only first three Veda Mantras are used. There
will not be Atharvana Mantras. Is this true?

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