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Hare Krishna

Y’day I had posted this in reply to Sri DVN Sarma prabhuji’s mail..but the below mail did not appear in the mail box.  Hence  reposting. Ignore if already received.

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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praNAms Sri DVN Sarma prabhuji
Hare Krishna

Is moksha a saadhya?

Ø  No, it is svayaM siddha.

What do your scriptures say?

Ø   I think same as above prabhuji.  ‘your’ scripture!!??  Is it not ‘our’ scripture prabhuji ☺

You need not make any effort to be in a natural state.

Ø   If we want to reach that natural state from our current abnormal / unnatural state effort is required in the form of sAdhana.  As you said below, after realizing our natural state, we would come to know the effort was not required. But till that time, effort (sAdhana)  is required, don’t you agree with me prabhuji??  And what is that sAdhana??  shamadamAdi samskruta mana which is enable to grasp the shAstOpadesha, AchAryOpadesha is karaNam instrument.  And advaita tradition says to realize that effortless state, shAstraeva pramANam, though this pramANa does not categorically figure out that effortless state.

This is
what all the realized souls say. Perhaps all sadhana is for realizing that sadhana is useless.

Ø    Yes, running is required to realize that running was actually not required to ‘reach’ the destination ☺

Be quiet is the teaching of Ramana Maharshi. சும்மா இரு.

Ø     If every realized souls literally keep their silence intact, then there would have been no brahma jnAna teaching whatsoever prabhuji ☺
Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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