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Mon Aug 4 23:02:29 CDT 2014

I think that we should not think that hindus or hinduism have a copyright
On advaita

There has been an article in Newyork Times "What would Krishna Do? Or
Shiva? Or Vishnu?" yestere day in the Opinion section. One of the reader
has described his experience thus.

gem PA 16 hours ago

*From a religious experience I had following 3 years in a concentration
camp I came away with the understanding we all, each one of us, was part of
All and All was love. There is no separation between me and you and us and
the flames of stars. We are All. Then from that I understood, if I hurt
you, I hurt me as we are part of each other. I understood this into and
from the core of my being. Surely we All understand this? It seems we
mostly do not or we would cherish one another.*

This shows that advaitic experience is not confined to only hindus. People
other than hindus can have it. More important coclusion is Hindu
ritualistic practice is not a prerequisite for advaitic experience.


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