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Other Mata followers say Advaita is Maayaavaada because in Advaita we say
everything in the world is Maayaa. Even we say after realization Ishwara is
Maayaa. The only true thing is Brahman. That Brahman is your Atma. There is
no other Truth than Brahma.

But I think the other Mata followers cannot understand this. They think
Advaita is saying everything is Maayaa and there is no Truth at all. This
is like Bauddha Mata. But we are different from Bauddhas. They dont believe
in Brahman and Atman like us.

They say everything in the world is changing. Some people say the only
permanent thing is Change. But Change is possible to see only if you have
Permanent Background. What is the Permanent Background? It is the Witness
of Change. It is Brahman.

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> Namaskaram all respected members,
> I'm new member , i want to ask a question .
> Sometimes other than advaita vedantins  other mata call adwait as Mayavada.
> I'm unable to understand why they call adwait vada as maya vada, please
> clarify.
> Srī mātre namah:
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