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PraNAms everybody.

During the last year Memorial Day weekend, we have a two-day spiritual camp where we took Bri. Up Matreyi Brahmanam. The videos of the talk series are available at  <http://www.livestream.com/advaita_sadaji>. Shankara, in his introduction to his Bhaashya for this Brahmana, provides a brilliant analysis why Vedanta is an absolute science while others sciences are limited, as their fileds of investigation are limited to objective world that involves objective tools. These aspects are discussed extensively in the above talk series as part of the introduction. 

Continuing the series on Bri. Up. we will be taking, during this Memorial Day two-day weekend camp, the essential mantras of the Madhu Kanda (Ch. 1 and 2 of Bri. Up.) Maitreyi brahmanam also falls in this kanda while it is also repeated later. We will be covering only the Vedantic parts, leaving out the upaasana parts. Hopefully we will be doing other kaandas in the future camps. A brochure for the camp is available for those who are interested and a nominal registration is charged, more to limit the wastage of food  to  cover the registrants. The camp is more convenient for people who can commute; but those who are out of town can join and will be hosted by local families, if needed. For those who are interested the plans are underway to provide the talks on live stream at http://advaitaforum.org/live-broadcast/. They can be listened live, or later as they will be stored after some editing at the above website. 

The information about the camp can be found at 


Hari Om!

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