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Shree Jaldhar vyasji - PraNAms

One has to accept in that Viraj was not full pledged BrahmanishTa in the previous life and of course as Br. Up 1-3-28 endorses that one can gain that post by upaasana on, say asatoma sadgamaya.. etc.. 

I do not think that Sagunopaasaka  can gain nirguna brahman by analyzing himself has been endorsed anywhere. Even in krama mukti, the jiiva in satya loka has to be exposed to the teaching of mahaavaakya to gain mokha; otherwise he returns back to karma bhuumi- that is my understanding. 

na yogen na sAnkhyena karmanaa no na vidyayaa|
brahmAtmaikya bodhena mokshaH sidhyati nAnyathA| Says Shankara in Vivekachudamani.

If we say that the understanding oneness is not the same as aham bhramaasmi realization, although his fear was gone by that understanding; but his loneliness was not gone since he was seeking company - that is possible; although the implication of Shankara bhaashya for the mantra and the reason for purpvapaksha that was raised does not justify that understanding. 

Yes, what you said is right - that understanding the vyaavahaarika satyam and by sagunopaasna is not sufficient but satyasya statyam has to be gained by neti neti analysis as exemplified further in Madhu kanda. For that teaching is required and Viraj did not yet have that teaching as per the Upanishad. 

Since everyone has their own explanations, I will leave with this.

Hari Om!

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