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Ramani Balasubramaniam wrote:"I am looking for meanings of Ashwamedham and Acchidram mantrams"
Namaste, I note that nobody has responded to you on this. You will find this post from Sep 2008 by Rama Balasubramaniam most helpful:
If you are a member of an academic institution you can obtain a log in and purchase these downloads from www.jstor.org
I had written a note on the more controversial mantras of ashwamedham from TB 3.8,9 that was not for general circulation. If you are interested please email me privately and I will send it to you.
You may be interested in the following points also:
1) bhattabhāskara in his commentary on the opening of acchidram TB 3.7 says Chhidra-pūraṇa-prāyaschittādi-prāyatvāt acchidram. That which , though ones expiation fills any gaps , or weaknesses in the performance, is called acchidram, without blemish. TB 3.7.1-6 and 11 are the expiation mantras for the darshapūrṇmāsa to make the performance whole and flawless.
2) Apastamba Srauta Sutram  IX.1.1 defines expiation as shrutilakṣaṇam prāyaschittam vidhyaparādhe vidhīyate; An expiation mentioned in the Shruti is prescribed when there is an error in the performance of the vidhi. This expiation can be a japa, a libation into the fire , or an offering (IX 1.3 japo homa ijyā cha). IX.1.12 says japedityeke, some experts opine that these mantras should just be chanted and not offered with homa. It is possibly because of this the tradition of pure recitation of these powerful mantras has come about. (Note when I say mantra, there are true brahmana sentences in 3.7-9 explaining how the ritual is performed).
3) A number of mantras in TB 3.7 are found elsewhere in important contexts: The vivāha saptapadi mantras are originally here, where the usage is tailored for this ritual purpose . A number of the expiation mantras seen here are also found in Taittiriya Aranyaka 2nd prasna, the kushmāṇDa homa expiation mantras, as well as the mantras recited prior to aruṇa prasna pārāyaṇam (udyann adya mitramah, etc). Also some expiation mantras used in jayādi homa are given here as well.


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