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Subbuji - PraNAms

Glad you mentioned about vamadeva as I was going through that section right now.

In the case of Viraj, would that explain why he felt lonely after gaining the jnaanam, after reflecting on the knowledge? He can play the drama or role that he took but mantras seem to indicate that he was not happy by himself. 

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 To the question on 'previously done shravaNAdi not giving
 the fruit of
 liberating knowledge in that janma but in a subsequent
 janma' we have the
 Brahmasutra 3.4.51 'aihikamapi.....' The Acharya gives the
 example of
 Vamadeva who is admitted to have got the liberating
 knowledge while in the
 womb.  While it is impossible for anyone to do
 shravana, etc. in a womb, it
 is agreed that he must have done all that in earlier lives
 but the karma
 that obstructed the rise of knowledge ended only in this
 life, while he was
 in the womb.
 Even in the case of Vidura, etc. it is admitted that he was
 a jnani right
 from birth itself implying that this birth was necessary for
 fructifying of the shravaNAdi sAdhana performed in earlier
 lives.  So,
 without any teacher one could get knowledge if the
 preparations have been
 done in earlier lives.  The case of Sri Ramana maharshi
 also could be

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