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This is what is not acceptable to Sri Sadanandaji as I understand according to whom if knowledge were to arise without any further instruction then he should have got the knowledge in the previous birth itself. In support of his contention that further instruction only could lead to knowledge he cites the bhagavatham incident. As I could see from the vartika, no other reason is adduced except the above which according to the Acharya is quite satisfactory as per reasons given thereof.
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You have raised the central issue involved – The objection comes from the purvapakshi stated in the Shankara Bhashya itself and not from me. Since Viraj after thinking realized the unity of the self, the fear of loneliness is gone. 

We can think of two possibilities: 

1. He was full pledged jnaani in the last life and yet he took birth as Viraj – which becomes a problem in terms of the usefulness of the jnaanam if he has to take birth again after jnaanam.

 2. He was half-baked jnaani in the previous life but became full jnaani after reflecting on the teaching that he had before. Hence after reflection, he abides in that jnaanam. This is a possibility – although this leaves us in limbo since this can happen to any jnaani, since it is the statement after the fact 

The subsequent mantras of the section, becomes questionable again since Viraj still felt lonely after reflection and became full-pledged jnaani. He was not happy by himself since he needed a company, leaving us a doubt about his jnaana nishShta even after reflection. 

My question was also related to subsequent sindhaanta of Bhagavat paada Shankara, in response to the objection he posed as puurvapaksha.  I felt that extended discussion that followed does not seem to address the objection posed.  I was seeking clarification on that since my knowledge is limited

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