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 I tried once again to understand the issue. When the jiva is
 born as Viraj,
 he did not have the knowledge of oneness with Atman.That is
 why he is born
 again.  On reflection he gets this knowledge , but in
 this janma after
 being born as Viraj. Rest follows.
Chandramouliji - PraNAms

The fact is, I cannot reflect unless I have the prior knowledge to reflect . The knowledge that viraj reflected was not due to any teaching by other after he was born as viraj- hence it is not new knowledge from the point of viraj. He was only reflecting the knowledge that he has gained in the past life which means he was jnaani in the past life and the whole nine yards follow along with the objection raised. 

Anyway since the issue remains unless I take it that he has no full knowledge of the abosolute, I will stop with this.

Hence In Uddhava Geeta - there is Hamsa geeta where The Lord appears as Hamsa and teaches the Hiranya garbha the absolute knowledge. Hence there is a teacher-taught situation. 

Hari Om!

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