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 Viraj has fear only before knowledge. Not afterwards.The Bhashya next proceeds with the reasons for Viraj feeling " lonely " ( absence of Delight ) after gaining knowledge. I am not sure if you are refering to this when
 you say << But Bhaashya seems to imply something else, unless I misunderstood its
 implication. >> Kindly clarify.
 Have I really addressed any of the points raised by you. I am myself not
Chandaramouliji  - PraNAms .Thanks for the response.

Jiiva got the viraj position by the purification of the mind doing the upaasana, say that exemplified in precious chapter of Bri. Up (1-3-28) on asatoma sadgamaya etc. The upaasana does not give the knowledge of oneness by itself. If has gained the knowledge of oneness, that is incomplete since he is taking the birth again as Viraj since if he had that knowledge of oneness he should be free from birth. In addition the very  desire to become viraj and the subsequent upaasana shows that he did not have knowledge of oneness since desire involves something other than what one is. 

If he did not have complete knowledge but just enough knowledge without any instruction, what kind of knowledge of oneness is that? He knows he is one without a second, and still feels he is lonely. The loneliness and the associated fear comes if one finds there is no other jiivas, but there is vast world other than himself. The knowledge which he remembered from the past life (since there was no one to teach viraj) eliminated the fear but not the loneliness as the subsequent mantras indicated.  

The objection that was raised was not addressed in the subsequent bhaashya, as I understand. Yet there are pages of bhaashya in response to the objection raised. Hence my post. 

Hari Om!

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