[Advaita-l] Animals can get Jnana?

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> Namaste
> > It is that humans alone who have worked for getting further human janma-s
> > in order to continue their sAdhana and culminate it in self-realization.
> >  Since we have admitted anAdi sRShTi, there is no room for the question
> > about which being did sAdhana for getting human birth.  Since it is very
> > easy for humans to follow the niShiddha karma-s only the shAstra warns
> that
> > human janma is very difficult to get and that one aught to make the best
> > use of it.
> >
> Here there will be a confusing situation. If we do only Punya Karmas in
> human birth we will get a body in Devas or Gandharvas. It will be a higher
> life but it will mostly be for Bhoga only. In the higher Lokas people are
> enjoying all type of enjoyments. If we do only Papa Karmas we will born as
> animal. There will be Bhoga only again.

Here is the need for discrimination.  An informed human will take the path
of karma yoga, niShkAma karma, which includes avoiding niShiddha and kAmya
(which includes puNya karma).  By so shaping his life in society, the jiva
will get liberation from any and every bodily life, eventually.

> To Guarantee Human Birth what must we do? Don't do Punya karma or Papa
> Karma. Then what is the use of this type of life for Society?

In the BG 6th ch. we have the case of yoga-bhraShTa.  There it is said that
even a sAdhaka on the path to attain jnana, if he dies before attaining
jnana, will go to those loka-s meant for puNya karmI-s, stay there for some
time and return to this loka of humans and continue his sAdhana.  So this
position of the shAstra sets at rest all possible questions/confusion.



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