[Advaita-l] Animals can get Jnana?

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> According to the Vedic dharma, an animal life is the result of a jiva's
> past adherence to niShiddha karma.  The animal/plant life is for bhoga,
> experiencing the past karma phala only.  No new karma is accumulated  in
> these lives.  At the end of this animal life, the jiva might return to
> human or take any other form as per its accumulated karma.  From a human
> life too one  could go up to attain super-human lives and after that from
> there one could straight land in human or even lower lives.  The
> Mundaka/kaTha upanishads have the appropriate mantras for this.

If animal life is for Karma Phala Bhoga only why Viveka Chudamani Sloka 2
is saying Jantunaam Narajanma Durlabham? If it is Durlabha we have to make
a great effort to get it. For Nara Janma who is making the effort? The
animal or some other person like Sudra and Stree to get born as male

 I agree generally animals cannot get Jnana. Viveka Chudamani has said for
Jnana that person must be a Brahmin male knowing Vedas and Vedanta and
other qualifications like Sadhana Catushtaya. Sudras and Strees are ruled
out. This is a general rule. But there can be exceptions in the three
categories of Sudras, Strees, and Pashus.

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