[Advaita-l] Animals can get Jnana?

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But Hanuman is Kapeeshwara belonging to Ape family. He
is a Jnani.

Chimpanzees can play chess and do a lot of intellectual activities.
Probably they can be taught to think like humans. Is it true the Apes can
have Jnana like humans if they try? But other animals cannot?


shrImad rAmAyaNa, being a "dhvani-kAvya", to understand
it's essence, one should understand the vAlmiki-hridaya
rather than resorting to one's own interpretations.

The objective of the kAvya is "rasa-siddhi" which is 
only achieved in the words of great scholar of alankAra
shAstra "bhATTa tauTa" as:

"nAyakasya kavEh shrOtuh samAnO(a)anubhavastatah"

The translation:

When the HERO of the drama / poetry, the  POET, and
the HEARER / SPECTATOR, come to a stage of 

To appreciate any poetry, it is most important that one who 
is studying it should experience the same rasa that is being 
expressed and experienced by the poet and also by nAyaka / nAyika
of that kAvya.

So, of what use is the analyzing whether AnjanEya born as an
ape is a jnAni or not.  Study the rAmAyaNa properly under AchArya
and try to tap the "vAlmiki-hridaya".  You would understand
who is bhagavAn rAmachandra, AchArya hanumAn ji and 
mother sita.


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