[Advaita-l] Animals can get Jnana?

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Thu Apr 17 06:11:08 CDT 2014


Or, since we cannot know anybody has jnaanam or not unless he tells us, we can use the same principle for animals too. If they can tell and explain to us the nature of the truth, we will never know if they have jnaanam or not. Hopefully they do not lie or pose that they know. 

There may be subtler worlds where elephants (gajendras) and kaakabhushns can teach us the truth that they have learned due to their samskaara and also communicate that teaching. So far as we know there is no cognitive learning in the animals we see, otherwise they would have stopped by know the human atrocities that are being conducted against them.  

Hari Om!
On Thu, 4/17/14, Srirudra <srirudra at gmail.com> wrote:

 Animals are devoid of discriminating faculty.They do not know what is good and what is bad.Doing some acts of
 intelligence does not mean they can become jnanies.R.Krishnamoorthy.

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