[Advaita-l] Eka Jiiva Vaada - one perspective.

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Shree Venkatesh - PraNAms

For any creation, the creator must have the knowledge of creation. Even in dream creation, the waker's mind should posses the knowledge of that creation. Hence scriptures say that Creator has to be sarvajnaH, sarva shaktimaan, etc since He possesses all the knowledge, discovered and yet to be discovered needed for the creation. The examples you mentioned do not prove that one is creating something randomly but with well thought out process. Most of those creations are evolutionary process as even building planes that can fly. Also for human, skill to create is different from the knowledge to create. An architect may design a beautiful architecture but he may not have skill to drive a nail straight. 
Hari Om!

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 In daily life also we can see many examples for Man creating
 intelligent and strong machines. Many children are more
 intelligent than
 parents. Many disciples are more intelligent than Gurus. It
 is all Power of
 Maayaa. Even Sri Raama lost in battle to Lava and Kusha. If
 Raama is
 Ishwara how can He lose the battle? Power of Maayaa. If Sri
 Raama is
 Ishwara how was He tricked by Golden Deer Maayaa Mruga 
 in the forest?
 Power of Maayaa.

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