[Advaita-l] Sathsangham Vartha

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Dear Smt. Sumitha,


On behalf of the Advaita-L mailing list membership, please pass along our condolences to Mrs. Sundararaman and the rest of the family. Some of us had kept in touch with him personally, with varying frequency, over the years. Sri Sundararman was one of the quiet people who sustain and support many others in different ways. He has done a great service to the cause of Vedanta learning, through his personal interactions with various Chennai based traditional Panditas and he made available their lectures and details of their activities to a larger group of people via various internet forums. 


Let me end with a prayer and the hope that the various Advaita publication projects he was keen on will come to a fruitful completion very soon.


Best regards,


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> Namaste,
>              I just heard from my mother that Sundararaman mama had passed away  on Saturday 28th september. It is sad to hear this.
> I remeber thanking him for uploading all the vedantic talks and also for  updating  them on time.
> We were very fortunate to listen to shankarajayanthi talks every year.
> In his mails he used to end saying sathsangha as parama Gathihi. 
> May we learn from his good deeds .
> May His soul rest in peace.
> sumitha
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